Drinking + Women’s History = HERstory on the Rocks Podcast. We are just two gals sipping cocktails and talking all things HERstory. Join us as we talk about good women, bad women, cartoon women, game changing women and all women in between - because ladies have nuance. Each week our ladies are paired with a themed cocktail and a recipe posted online so you can drink along with us. Come take the history class your teachers wouldn’t let you - more cursing, more drinking, and all ladies!




Allie grew up watching Disney Princesses glide across her television and waded through adolescence while Monica Lewinsky was being publicly shamed, Princess Diana’s life was coming to a tragic end, and of course reading the famous series “Hermione Granger and the Countless Times she Saves Harry Potter”. She has been teaching middle school history courses since 2007, has her Master’s in Secondary Education, and her Doctorate in Instructional Technology. Allie is also an Adjunct Professor at Towson University and is working on a few projects for publication. She was born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland and still lives there with her husband {Producer} and two daughters.



Katie grew up fascinated with women who have struggled and the struggle of all women. She spent hours reading stories about the lives of the Romanov sisters and the sinking of the Titanic. Her fascination with true crime also started when she was young - reading volume ofter volume of Nancy Drew Mysteries. Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a minor in Gender Studies. During her time in college, she spent six months studying abroad in India. Since graduating Katie has become a small-business owner in Baltimore City and lives there today with ‘Fiancé”, Stella {puppy}, and Fran {kitty}.  



Producer was born in 1986. He was raised in Baltimore City and attended private school along with his three siblings. Throughout his childhood, Jake's family was heavily involved in Rec League sports, and he did everything from football to ice skating. By middle school Producer’s athletic interest turned to skateboarding, which consumed his extracurricular life until he was about 20. Since graduating in 2008 from Goucher College with a BA in Biology, Producer has enjoyed a career in biomedical research, but recently made a career move to business development.