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Olivia Serrill - Olivia works in the technology industry and is an avid dancer. She is a biracial Asian American who joined Return 2 Sender to discuss the dangers of stereotyping and its impact on different social groups.  


Joseph Fitzpatrick - has been a skateboarder for almost 2 decades. He is heavily involved in ensuring skate parks and skate safe areas are developed in Maryland and was glad to talk with us about his efforts in the Baltimore community. 


Kasey Pruett - A chimney technician from Baltimore explains his experience with recovery from addiction as we discuss everything from caffeine addiction to illicit drug use.  


Paige Orpin - A Baltimore enthusiast and urban painter came to talk with us about image. How do people think about you and what do you think about them? Join us to get some insight on your carefully crafted, personal image.  


Margery Bayne - Our resident librarian joined us to discuss the impacts that J.K. Rowling's famous series - Harry Potter - has had on Millennials! Listen in to hear how we think our favorite little wizard and his friends have changed our way of approaching the world.   


Zach Greenwood - A local barber and consumer of all forms of media joined us to discuss life-long learning. Informal learning has taken hold of Millennials and began to form the way we approach the world around us. Join us to discuss how our pop-culture obsession with science is changing the way we think. 


Shawn Wixted - Not only has Shawn been a skateboarder for 2 decades, but also a film producer who has traveled to skate & film in cities all over the United States. Shawn joined us to discuss Millennial skateboarding culture and its recent induction in to the Summer Olympic Games. 


Ian Martin - A plumber by trade has joined us to talk about the stigma of trade work for Millennials. Join us to discuss the "ins and outs" of how our generation is working to revive different options for employment. 


Katie Greenwood - A Baltimore Business Owner who majored in International Studies and minored in Women's Studies is the perfect person to talk with us about the Me Too movement. Join us as we discuss Millennials finally speaking out.

Source: - u/arbili (8/2017) 

Source: - u/arbili (8/2017) 

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Shawn Wixted - Our art director and bestie! Thanks for the original logo art and guidance on our way through this process! 

Jared Brazil - Our production assistant. Thank you for the tech advice and trouble shooting!

We are by no means professionals in these areas, but you two are. Thank you - without you this podcast would not have been possible.  

Source: FaceBook - Purple Clover @purpleclvr (1/2018)

Source: FaceBook - Purple Clover @purpleclvr (1/2018)


"And This Is Why Millennials Get Such a Bad Rap" - 

Millennials are entitled. They’re narcissistic. They’re spoiled and they’re lazy.

Surely, you’ve heard all of this? And you’ve sighed, exasperated by the frequency of these stereotypical statements that fail to acknowledge that Millennials as a whole—like every other generation—include incredibly awesome, ambitious people, as well as those who aren’t so great... (continue reading) 


"25 Things Millennials Think Are Actually Cool That Totally Are Not"

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"Why Millennials &%#@! Love Science"    ALEXANDRA OSSOLA    

"Why Millennials &%#@! Love Science" 



The wildly successful web publication "I F*cking Love Science" currently has over 18 million likes on Facebook... "I’m just telling people things I think are cool."